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Recourse for broken merchandise is solely with shipping agent after acceptance of delivery.

We pride ourselves in offering the best products with the best warranty.  We treat everyone as if we were the customers instead of the sellers. We want performance, fairness, and honesty.

Warranty is void if a bicycle has been damaged, has been minutely disassembled, altered, painted, labels covered, labels removed, seals broken, direct shorted, damaged by collision in any way, or appears to have been used outside the scope of its intended use.

Seller is not responsible for any other items, tools, gauges, losses or injury that may occur involving our products wheather express or implied.  Customer assumes all risks when using our products.  Customer should supervise the use of their bicycle.  Bicycles that have been recently used, crashed, or are heavily used should not be relied upon for safety.  Look for loose connections or worn parts. Please conform to recommended use. BikeaPack.com strives for customer satisfaction.

Bicycle Product Warranty, Limitations, Exclusions, and Procedures

The good news:

We warrantee all bicycles forever.

The original seller services the original purchaser. This means that dealer warrantees will be handled by us only to supplied dealer, while warrantees to users will be honored by dealers. Exceptions to this are dealers that are no longer in business, or are no longer dealers, whereby we will warrantee directly to user. In addition to the above, we offer a lifetime performance guarantee on all of our products.  If product fails due to any defect, we will replace it at no charge.  A completed registration form from user must be on file with seller within thirty days of purchase to validate warranty. If a warranty is activated, a simple direct user contact support session will initially be conducted and reviewed before RMA is authorized and replacement is authorized.  Registration and support may be completed by fax, email, or regular delivery services. Acceptance by Seller of Warranty Agreement will be returned by email and must be retained for your records.


Seller will provide for returned shipping only if the return is due to product malfunction under the above warranty. The return shipping method will be standard ground delivery with normal tracking. Any expedited services are at the customers own expense.

Customer will obtain a RMA Number issued by BikeaPack.com prior to shipping any product. Returns sent to BikeaPack.com with out RMA Number will void warranty and release BikeaPack from further obligation.

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