Bike a Pack, folding bicycle in a back pack
Bike a Pack, folding bicycle in a back pack
BikePack, folding bicycle in a backpack BikeaPack, folding cycle in a back pack Bike-a-Pack, folding bicycle wheels Bike-Pack, folding bike in a  backpack
Bike Pack, folding bicycle in a back pack
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BikeaPack has an innovative design for transportation. This is our first bicycle related invention. It is the ONLY full size bicycle with full size wheels that allows the bicycle to fold into a backpack. You can carry it on an airplane and put it in overhead luggage. The full bag is only 9 inches by 14 inches by 22 inches (23 x 36 x 56 cm) and weighs only 14.8 pounds. It folds (or unfolds) in about a minute without tools. Actually, the unique design of the invention is that the wheels fold.
It has an internal driveline, so there is no chain or exposed grease. The tires are pre-inflated and snap into place as the wheels unfold. It then looks, rides, and feels like a normal bicycle. It's not an offroad bike, or motocross bike, or racing bike. It is a durable stylish bicycle for general use, fits almost anywhere, and requires no permission to bring into stores, buses, businesses, or the classroom. There is no need to carry tools.
We believe a full-size bicycle that folds, with full-size bicycle wheels, that can fit under your desk or in overhead carryon luggage, changes the bicycle world. We believe in our folding bicycle that can be folded quickly without getting yourself dirty, by all riders, young and old.
We're still working on the manufacturing details and considering joint ventures. We'll provide more info here as we test the pre-production bicycles. The prototypes have been hand crafted from aluminum and plans call for titanium and carbon fiber for many of the components. We will offer a lifetime warranty on the complete bicycle. We still have work to do. It takes time, testing, refinement, and development dollars to be the best. We are not taking deposits or orders yet. This is a pre-release website for our development team and for comments.
Please contact us and give us your suggestions and opinions. We look forward to participating in environmental solutions and exploring alternatives.
You can see the United States Patent #6,364,424 awarded April 2, 2002., folding bicycles, Jay Lashlee, folding bicycle wheels, J. Lashlee, portable folding bicycles, J. Lashlee, folding bicycle wheels, bicycles that fold, EJ Lashlee, folding bicycle wheels, folding full size bicycles, EJ Lashlee, folding bicycle wheels, EJ Lashlee

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